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2022 Summer Twilight Concerts

Yes! There will be Summer Twilight Concerts this year.

Watch this space for an announcement of 2022 dates, performing artists, and other information.

Please note that the information on this webpage relates to the 2019 season, and will be updated when the 2022 season is announced.

2019 Summer Twilight Schedule

June 18, 2019

Zel’s Opening Act: Tomcat Courtney & Chickenbone Slim – 6 PM

Sully and the Souljahs  – 7 PM

July 9, 2019

Zel’s Opening Act: Chris Wilusz – 6PM

Hotel California: A Salute to the Eagles – 7PM

July 30, 2019

Zel’s Opening Act: Boon & Kiel – 6PM

Back to the Garden: A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock Featuring Eve Selis and Mattie Mills – 7PM

August 20, 2019

Zel’s Opening Act: Nate Donnis Trio – 6PM

The Mighty Untouchables – 7PM

Summer Twilight Concerts

Summer Twilight Concerts bring together friends and families to enjoy music, dance, picnic and experience a priceless Del Mar sunset.

Thank you to our 2019 Summer Twilight Concert Sponsors

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Del Mar Plaza
LAZ Seagrove Parking Logo
Poseidon Restaurant Logo
TD Ameritrade Logo

Summer Twilight Concert Sponsorship

The Del Mar Foundation has been producing the Summer Twilight Concerts for over 30 years. The Twilight Concerts, held at Powerhouse Park each summer, are among the most popular events presented by the Foundation. Each year, the concert series is supported by generous donations from Del Mar and San Diego businesses. Many local businesses offer in-kind support, as well. For information about sponsorship opportunities, email us at concerts@delmarfoundation.org or call us at 858-635-1363.

Summer Twilight Concerts FAQ

Where do I park while attending a concert?2019-05-29T15:53:19-07:00

There is no designated parking for Summer Twilight Concerts. You can park on available street parking and our sponsor LAZ Parking offers paid parking across the street. Metered parking is also available under the Inn L’Auberge for $2.00 per hour, enter from 15th St., west of Camino del Mar and  just east of the Post Office. Free parking is available in the Civic Center parking garage. Enter off of 11th or 10th Streets. You may also use the loading zone at the park to drop off your passengers and supplies before parking your car. Alternative modes of transportation including walking, biking, and rideshare services, are strongly advised. Rideshare companies shall use either loading zones, the designated rideshare area along the east side of the 1600 block of Coast Boulevard, or the downtown area, for drop-off and pick-up.

Is smoking permitted at the Summer Twilight Concerts?2019-04-03T15:46:18-07:00

Smoking is not allowed in the park by City of Del Mar regulations which can be found on the City website at www.delmar.ca.us

Am I permitted to bring my dog to the concerts?2019-04-03T15:46:18-07:00

The City of Del Mar rules pertaining to dogs state that dogs are allowed at Powerhouse Park year round as long as they are leashed. Due to the large crowds attending the Summer Twilight Concerts, we hope that you will decide to leave your dogs at home for the evening.

What if I want to suggest a band for inclusion in future Summer Twilight Concerts?2019-08-14T08:42:55-07:00

As a volunteer organization, we do not have the resources to seek bands. As a matter of fact, the tendency is for us to have more bands available than dates and resources permit us to present. If you know of a band, they may submit their name in accordance with our band submission procedure which follows:

Bands interested in being considered are welcome to send promo materials (CDs, band information) for consideration. Send all materials and media to:

Summer Twilight Concerts Committee
Del Mar Foundation
Attn: T. Pat Stubbs
P.O. Box 2913
Del Mar, CA

May I place rocks from the beach on my blanket to hold it in place?2019-04-03T15:46:18-07:00

We ask that you do not take rocks from the beach to weight your blankets. Our
experience is that the rocks end up in the park, which adds an additional chore for our hardworking volunteers to clean up.

May I stand or dance during a Summer Twilight Concert?2019-04-03T15:46:18-07:00

Please remember to be courteous to other concertgoers and dance the night away up in front. If you’d like to stand please respect other concertgoers’ views of the stage.

Do you sell food at the Summer Twilight Concerts?2019-04-03T15:46:18-07:00

No. Please remember to pack out all that you packed in and recycle. Be advised that use of ESP (Styrofoam), single-use plastic water bottles, and plastic straws is prohibited on City Facilities and City-sponsored events.

May I bring a Barbecue to a Summer Twilight Concert?2019-04-03T15:46:17-07:00

Due to the density of the crowds, the presence of blankets and the slope of most of
Powerhouse Park, the use of barbecues in the park on Summer Twilight Concert days is strongly discouraged.

May I reserve a spot?2019-04-03T15:46:17-07:00

Concertgoers may put out blankets and chairs starting at 8 AM the morning of the Summer Twilight Concert. Tarps are not permitted as they can cause significant damage to the grass and prevent fair access to others. Blankets and towels cannot exceed 10 feet x 10 feet in size. There is no policing of the park so personal items are left at your own risk. If you bring a chair, low back beach chairs are encouraged as they do not block the view of attendees behind you.

May I set up an umbrella and a canopy?2019-04-03T15:46:17-07:00

We ask that all umbrellas, tents, flags and canopies be lowered or removed before the Summer Twilight Concert begins.

I’ve lost a personal item. Where is the Lost and Found?2019-04-03T15:46:17-07:00

Lost items will be held at the Del Mar Foundation tent at the front of the concert area
until band intermission. After intermission, the items will be handed over to the Del Mar Lifeguards and held at the main Lifeguard Tower at 17th Street on the beach.

Where do I go if I need to report a missing person or medical emergency?2019-04-03T15:46:17-07:00

Report missing persons or medical emergencies to personnel stationed at the white Del Mar Foundation canopy. You can also call the Lifeguard emergency line at 858-755-1555.

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