Celebrate Independence Day and Del Mar’s Community Spirit!

The return of our annual Independence Day Parade has been deferred to next year by the City, but that won’t deter our community from celebrating America’s birthday and Del Mar’s community spirit.

To join in the celebration share your favorite Fourth of July photos!

Send us photos showing your celebration this year, with your family, neighbors or friends. We also welcome a favorite photo of yours from a past year’s 4th of July celebration.

We’ll put together an online “gathering” of our community, with a photo album showing how we’re celebrating our nation’s independence. We’ve already started creating this special album, with some of our own favorites from years past.

To add your photo(s) to the album, please email them to dmf@delmarfoundation.org, or send via text to (858) 314-9997

Optional: Provide a short caption to be included with your photo(s)

Upcoming Events

July 1, 2021 Update: Now that the City has a re-opening plan for Town Hall and the Powerhouse, we are working hard to bring back our diverse array of cultural, family and children’s events!

We anticipating launching subscriptions for the 2021-2022 First Thursdays season (which will begin on Sept. 2) in mid- to late-July, and will be announcing other community events as details become available.

Check here for updates, or use the button at the end of our website to sign up for our email list to get the earliest word on our events.

Joel Holliday: Making a Difference for 40+ Years

On June 7, 2021 the Del Mar City Council honored Joel Holliday for all he has done over more than four decades for the benefit of our community and region.

Joel Holliday was one of the three founding directors of the Foundation, and the person who deserves the lion’s share of credit for our community endowment which provides robust support to Del Mar. Both Rosanne and Joel served as DMF Presidents – two decades apart – and both have invested remarkable leadership skills, financial resources, and hard work to help create the Foundation as it exists today.

Click Here to Read the Proclamation

Helping Hands Grant Report

In response to the pandemic, DMF stepped up its support for St. Peter’s Helping Hands program, which provides not only meals, but life-changing services to homeless individuals, many of whom are seniors, and during the pandemic have included many newly unemployed people in our area. Earlier this week, the Foundation received a truly inspiring report from Shirley King (at left in the photo) and Ann Austin recapping how the funds we provided to Helping Hands have been used over the past fifteen months.
Some highlights include:
  • Partnering with Stratford Court Cafe and Beeside Balcony to serve 3,180 restaurant-prepared meals;
  • Distributing homemade soup, hot drinks, sack lunches with high protein drinks, fruit, fresh underwear and socks, and distribution of 2,500 face masks;
  • Providing critical social work services, including health care referrals for emergency dental work, wound care, diabetes management, major surgeries and substance abuse admissions; and achieving housing through Project Room key for several seniors;
  • Hosting hosted an on-campus vaccination clinic and cheduling off-site Covid-19 vaccination appointments, achieving a remarkable 90% vaccination rate
The work and success of this committed group of volunteers, which includes teens and college students, is truly inspiring. We know that every dollar we placed in their hand is carefully invested in supporting and changing the lives of those among us who are most in need. We hope you’ll read the full report, because far more than the facts and figures, the voices of Shirley and Ann convey the true value of this sustained volunteer effort in our midst.
Click Here to Read the Report

Just In Time For Summer

A new truck, specially customized to meet Lifeguard needs, has just started patrolling our beaches, thanks to a $50K grant from the Foundation. It replaces a “rust bucket” which can now be retired from service.

Safety Center Repairs

Necessary improvements to the Beach Safety Center at 17th St. are now under way, paid for with a DMF grant of $30,000. The Foundation previously donated $35,000 for construction of the Safety Center and $20,000 for the adjacent walk and garden.

Training Pays Off

Del Mar lifeguards and firefighters recently completed rope rescue training funded by grants from DMF and Del Mar Rotary. This training paid off soon thereafter when it was used in a real-life rescue at Anderson Canyon.

Who We Are

Founded in 1982, the Del Mar Foundation is Del Mar’s community foundation and its oldest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We sponsor a wide range of programs and events, make community grants, and manage over $5 million in endowment funds to benefit Del Mar and the San Dieguito Lagoon. Our mission: to promote civic pride and cohesiveness, acquire and preserve open space, improve beaches and parklands, raise and grant funds, and sponsor diverse cultural programs and community events in Del Mar. As we work to inform and inspire the Del Mar community, we welcome your participation and support.