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The Del Mar Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for the Del Mar Quiet Zone Committee's community campaign, in partnership with the City of Del Mar, to raise $378,000 for the construction of a wayside horn at the railroad intersection at Coast Boulevard.

We appreciate your support of this community project.


February 14, 2012

The Wayside Horn Project has been fully funded. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this community effort!



This project will reduce train horn noise in Del Mar

By installation of a wayside horn, train operators will no longer have to sound their horns as they approach Coast Boulevard, except when the train operator determines that there is a need to sound the horn due to safety considerations such as limited visibility or when people are on or near the tracks. Instead, an approaching train will trigger the stationary wayside horn system that will sound only at the intersection. This system will operate day and night to reduce train horn noise throughout Del Mar. Many of us witnessed the live test in Del Mar of an actual wayside horn in Spring 2010, and it really makes a difference! To learn more about the benefits of the wayside horn, please visit

We appreciate your consideration of this worthy community project. Donors have already paid for the project design, and it is ready to go – it just needs your financial support!

Questions? The Del Mar Quiet Zone Committee volunteers are available to discuss this project in greater detail, or to assist in reviewing donation options. Contact the committee: